Knowhow3D installs Pratham 3.0 at NEFR

3D Printer set up at NEFR in Assam

3D Printer Set Up at NEFR, Assam

Knowhow3D an acclaimed 3D printing startup from India, has installed Pratham 3.0 FDM 3D printer at the Northeast Frontier Railway Zone (NEFR) of the Indian Railways located in Guwahati, Assam. The 3D printer will quicken the pace of product development carried out for the regional coaches.

The NEFR coaching depot is one of 183 such depots in India and carries out the primary maintenance activities of the railway coaches for that respective region. The NEFR will use the 3D printer for research and development purposes.

The world is upgrading with technology rapidly due to which everything will be dependent on 3D Printing in near future. With the 3D Printer installation at NEFR, another feather has been added to Knowhow3D, though this is not our first 3D Printer installation.

3D Printer set up at NEFR in Assam by knowhow3d

Knowhow3D is a 3D printing firm based in Guwahati founded in 2016. Besides dealing in 3D Printer series, our scope of work also includes 3D Printing services, 3D Printing Workshops, Atal Tinkering Lab Set ups, 3D consumables, etc. 

The Pratham 3.0 is an industrial-grade 3D printer developed for heavy mechanical application products. It has a build volume of 300x300x300 mm and comes with a heated bed allowing the use of engineering materials like ABS, PETG, and Carbon Fiber. The Pratham 3D printer series is developed specifically to perform heavy-duty tasks and aid in rapid prototyping and product development. It is tested to continually run for more than 157 hours with reliable and repeatable output.

Food tray holder Bottom

Food Tray Holder Top


The Railways will be using the 3D Printer to print various parts like Food Tray Holder, Knob, Hand Brake Holder etc. As you can see, the process of learning the technology and experimenting with the prints has already begun at the NEFR premises.

The recent 3D printer integration was also noticed by the Hon. Minister of Railways Shri Piyush Goyal who expressed his eagerness tweeting, “For the first time ever, Railways has started using ‘Make in India’ 3D printer to design & print coach components in-house as per requirement. Now, these components can be made with half the cost as compared to the market rate.”

3d printer installed in Indian railways by knowhow3d

This is a great step for the Indian railways as they are moving towards integrating new technology like 3D printing for innovation. As the Hon. Railway Minister also stated that the “I in RAILWAYS stands for Innovation”. 

The fact that Indian Railways is now discovering the adoption of new technologies for its research and development purpose, is a evidence to the escalation of 3D Printing technology in India.

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