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Ultimaker is a leading 3D printer manufacturing company. The rankings of best 3D printers in the world often contain models from the popular Ultimaker series.

Buy Ultimaker printer in North East India
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You think, We make!
Incredible ideas and amazing design prints. 4.9* rating on Google. More than 2000 happy customers.

3D printing Services in North East India
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- Industrial Grade 3D printers.
- Good Precision and Latest Features.
- Print Resolution upto 100 micron.
- Affordable yet powerful.
- Larger build volumes upto 500*500*500
- 100% Indian Made 3D Printers.

Buy Pratham 3d printers in Guwahati
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Formlabs is one of the pioneers of SLA 3D printing.
- Delivers consistently reliable performance.
- Produce extremely detailed and complex 3D objects.
- Formlabs Advanced resin materials designed to deliver beautiful results
- Liquid Resin based printers.

Buy Formlabs 3d printer in Guwahati
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How We Can Help You?

We have been helping Makers, Innovators, Solution finders with various tools and resources they love.

3D Printer

Looking for a 3D Printer? Call us for free consultations. 3D Printers makes the best Makers tool, but which printer suites you best -SLA of FDM? Build Volume? Dual Nozzle or Single Nozzle? Budget? Check out here.

3D Printing Services

3D printers are not plug and pay devices, one needs to understand the settings to generate G CODE to get a perfect 3d print. Check out our projects for design and quality purpose. Get in touch with us for any 3d printing services.

3D Scanners

We have Peel 3D and Structure sensor 3D scanner in store for you. Both are professional-grade 3D Scanners. It simply lets you make high-quality 3D scans of small or large objects while keeping your project on a budget.

3D Consumables

Be it FDM, DLP or SLA printer, We have a wide variety of filaments and resin types, different color and textures, or chemical properties to suite your needs. Including Ultimaker original and Raise3D premium Filaments.

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