3D Printing Workshops

Want to learn 3D printing? Great! Enroll for a workshop and the learn the knowhow of 3D Printing.

3d printing workshops in Guwahati

3D Printing Workshops

Knowhow3D brings in 3d printing in schools as a tool to integrate and enhance subject learning and also add on a skill of the future which will lead the next technological revolution.

Knowhow3D has integrated with the boards of schools and colleges and have developed progressive workshops and courses for students.

3D Printing & Pen Workshops

3d printing workshop in Regional Science Centre, Guwahati

Regional Science Centre

3D Pen Workshop for school kids

Arena Animation

3D Printing Workshop for Designers
3D printing workshop in Arena Animation, Guwahati
3D pen workshop in Guwahati

In house Workshop

3D Pen Workshop for kids
3D printing workshop for Royal Global University, Mechanical Branch in Guwahati

Royal Global University

3D Printing Workshop for Mechanical engineering students

IIT Guwahati, Techniche

3D Printing Workshop for Engineers
3D printing workshop in IIT Guwahati, Techniche
3D printing workshop in Workshop in Arena Panbazaar, Guwahati

Arena, Panbazaar

3D Printing Workshop for Designers

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