Buy eka dlp 3d printer in Guwahati

Eka DLP 3D Printer

Eka DLP, owned by company is one of the leading 3D printer manufacturers from India, based in Surat.
They have quickly spread there visibility all over India with their dedication and after sales service, with 600+ units sold till 2019-20.
  • Industrial Grade 3D printers.
  • Good Precision and Latest Features.
  • Print Resolution upto 100 micron.
  • Affordable yet powerful.
  • Larger build volumes upto 500*500*500
  • 100% Indian Made 3D Printers.


With 10 Microns of Accuracy, EKA is most precise DLP 3D printer available in market. Precision of Power of EKA.



EKA comes with Full HD UV LED Projector Engine. Which gives a 30000 Hours of Working life to EKA. (8 Years)


High Speed

EKA DLP 3D Printer is world's Fastest DLP 3D Printer It is having Printing Speed of upto 85 mm/hour.


Direct Casting

Use Direct Castable Resin with EKA for Ash Free Casting, Smooth Surface Casting, Optimum Quality Casting

Our Work

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Jewelry Making Process

CAD Design

Prepare a Jewelry CAD Design with CAD Software.

.STL File

Convert CAD Design into .STL file format to use with EKA Controller Software.

Prepare a Program

Take .STL file into EKA Controller software and prepare a program to start a 3D Print with EKA.

3D Print with EKA

Apply program from EKA controller to EKA and start a 3D Print of CAD Design, You have CAM Piece Ready with you.

CAM Finishing

Now you have CAM Piece of your CAD design, Do a proper finish with tools and use it for Silicone Mold / Direct Casting Process.

Jewelry in Hand

Do High Temperature Jewelry Casting from CAM Piece, and Your CAD design is Ready as a final Jewelry.

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