3d printing workshop in Guwahati
3d printing workshop in Guwahati

About Us

Knowhow3D is a 3D printing firm in Guwahati, which was established in December, 2016. It is the first of its kind in North East India. We are believers of the “Maker’s Movement” and strive to provide end to end solutions to various innovators, entrepreneurs, teachers, designers, students and professionals with the right resources to learn, make and give shape to their ideas.

As our name suggests, we believe in “Integrating Art with Engineering” and come up with creative and effective solutions using the modern-day technology and resources.

Our Story

Aashish Bakliwal, founder of Knowhow3D, who has integrated art with engineering, shares his first of a kind start-up story in North East India.

founder of knowhow3d

Aashish Bakliwal

Founder of Knowhow3D based in Guwahati, Assam.

Our Team

3D Pen

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Why Choose Us?

With the rapid growth of technology in the world everything is dependent on 3D Printing.

3D Printing is used in everything, our daily lives too. From the movies we watch, to the computer we use, to the car we drive, to the toys we play, the list will go on.

Our mission is to provide high-quality products and excellent services at reasonable rates to our valuable customers.

Knowhow3D is the one stop solution for all the 3D Printing needs in North East India.

Scope Of Work

authorized distributor of 3d Printers in Assam

Distributorship of 3D Printers

3d printing services in Guwahati

Providing 3D Printing Services

3d design and 3d model

Designing and making 3D Models

Atal tinkering labs by knowhow3d

Setting up Atal tinkering labs in Schools

3d printing workshop in Guwahati

Conducting workshops in educational institutions

3d consumables in Guwahati

Maker tools and 3D Consumables

Our Projects

3D Printer Set Ups

Our Awesome Clients

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