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The file formats .STL and .OBJ are commonly accepted for 3d printing. If you don’t know how to convert files into .STL without tempering the design you can take our file conversion service.

Cost is dependent on material, part volume and the printing time. We need a 3D CAD file defining the part to run through our print simulation to determine print time and material usage.

We provide a free quote the same day but printing the parts usually takes a few hours depending on the project.

Maximum size of the single print is 1000*1000*1000 mm. But we can make it any size by joining and post print processing the parts.

Material like PLA, ABS, TPU are used for FDM printing. We have wide range of materials in FDM, SLA, SLS printing.

Yes, you can opt for different infills for your object. This can be manipulated through different levels in the software. Lower infill percentage can help you to save filament and print time.

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