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Using 3D Printers is currently the best way to create and give shape to your ideas.
With us you have access to variety of materials and the industrial Printers to create fabulous things of immeasurable value and beauty in a world that desperately needs it. 
Get your designs printed with us.

3d printing services in Guwahati

Where It Can Be Used

3d printing in engineering


3D printing makes it possible to produce objects with much more complex structures than traditional manufacturing methods and is likely to become the go-to manufacturing process for many different areas in manufacturing.

3d printing in designing

3D Designing

3D Printing is a technology that is changing the ways students learn - whether it is science, history, geography or even literature. Imagine being able to touch and feel the model of a DNA or the human heart, or holding a miniature pyramid in your palm, or having a bust of Shakespeare on your desk to inspire you. Also google Scan the world movement.

3d printing prototypes


Rapid prototyping is a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly using CAD data. Thanks to digital fabrication technologies, we’re now able to do rapid prototyping relatively quickly using a variety of materials with differing properties, such as cheap PLA, impact-resistant ABS, durable nylon, and more.

3d printing in architecture


Well-designed 3D printed architectural scale models can help architects create a lasting impression on their clients. 3D printing allows architects to design and develop everything ranging from buildings, townships, and cities right down to terrains, landscape and fauna with fine detail.

3d printing in Medical


The 3D-printing technology provide the surgeon a physical 3D model of the desired patient anatomy that could be used to accurately plan the surgical approach along with cross-sectional imaging or, alternatively, modelling custom prosthetics (or surgical tool) based on patient-specific anatomy

3d printed customized gifts

Customized Gifts

3D printing is well-suited to the personalized nature of gifts. After all, with the right models and materials, you can create all sorts of objects, from small functional keychains to one-of-a-kind home decorations, all from the comfort of your home. Note: Photo frames are outdated gifts instead gift a 3D statue.

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